A pioneer in the mines


During an arid spring in southern Sardinia, a solitary man, Renato, carves out a tunnel under an old abandoned mining site. This marks the beginning of an unusual journey into the depths of his land and in search of his origins, interpreting the signs that the wear and tear of time and the erosion of water have left behind, while nature continues to reclaim its space, creating an increasingly inaccessible and surreal scenario.


The documentary focuses on stories, events and personalities from the past, but also on the people who have rediscovered their traces, animated by the intention of reconstructing a heritage and a lost identity to which they can give proper relevance. It then wants to emphasize the great potential of the individual when who manages to reconstruct a world of interweaving and life stories linked to the unexplored and unpredictable aspect of a territory that nature is increasingly possessing. Renato, the main protagonist, wanted to cultivate within himself the passion to pursue his research, certain that he had a mission, a secret to unveil, a story to tell. He also soon realized that he needed to share his research, because keeping passions inside and being jealous of them hinders that continuous confrontation that is essential for growth and the resolution of one’s doubts. The thirst for knowledge is at the heart of the story that has brought us here.


When I first met Renato, I was struck by his passion and perseverance, and I fully shared with him the fascination of rediscovery, exploration, and rigorous research, and at the same time the hope for the preservation of places that are in danger of being taken even from our sight. Through Renato, I rediscovered the memory of a past that allowed Sardinia moments of economic and technological evolution of perhaps unrepeatable international interest. Unfortunately, the places are in total abandonment and that glorious past has been erased by oblivion. The project was written in the dark period of the long pandemic. That period, I believe, led many to rediscover many values and helped make us more aware of the importance of indulging and cultivating our passions. In times of great difficulty, consecrating oneself to the fulfilment of a mission allows that refuge of heart and mind that gives meaning to life.



Trento Film Festival 71rst edition
IsReal Film Festival – Nuoro

    Scheda Tecnica

  • Production Mommotty
  • Type Documentary
  • Genre Anthropology, Discovery, Mines, Mine Diving
  • Duration 67 min.
  • Language Italian, sardinia language
  • Year 2023
  • Format 2K
  • Screening Format Full HD
  • Audio Stereo
  • Subtitles Italian (OV), English (EV)

A pioneer in the mines