Mondo’s World

It is aimed at renewing the ancient methods passed from one generation


Mondo’s world is a film about a Sardinian man, 52 years old, who lives in Seneghe village(Oristano) in perfect harmony with his environment. The film follows the daily life of Mondo (Raimondo) and his  connection with his specific local environment, involving also his dependence on natural resources directly available in his surroundings. His work generates a strong social network made of relationships with his fellow villagers based on continuous exchange of common help. His activities involve building traditional Sardinian musical instruments incorporating ancient methods using raw materials and harvesting herbs to create essences and traditional recipes. His way of living is perfectly synchronised with seasonal cycles and any of his choices are based on what the environment could offer in a specific period of the year. Mondo’s dedication to his work is due to a faithful interest in traditional knowledge. It is aimed at renewing the ancient methods passed from one generation to the next by strengthening their efficiency. In this sense, his story demonstrates how the oral tradition still has value and power of influence within the local culture of a Sardinian Island.

    Data Sheet

  • Production Goldsmiths University London
  • Type Documentary
  • Genre Anthropology, Tradition, Educational
  • Duration 20 min.
  • Language Italian
  • Year 2009
  • Format HD
  • Audio Stereo
  • Subtitles English

Mondo’s World