5 Musicians chose Berlin as a new environment to consolidate their style.


Isolitudine is a romantic Italian neologism conceived to describe the imagination and the feelings of those who were born and grew up on an island. Isolitudine refers to being trapped and overwhelmed by the sea, the impression of both physical and geographical isolation from the rest of the world, as well as a long-lasting tie with the place where one belongs. In fact, an island reflects so deeply the soul of its inhabitants that eventually it occupies them entirely. Finally, Isolitudine is the emotional tension that has driven many to leave Sardinia to cross its borders to challenge themselves.
The documentary tells the story of five musicians who left the island of Sardinia in different stages of their lives. Diverse in background and style they all chose Berlin as a new dynamic environment to consolidate their paths as musicians. The title of the documentary “Isoli_tuned” results from the combination of the Italian word “Isolitudine” (term conceived to describe the mix of sense of belonging and sense of isolation of those who were born and grew up on an island), and the English world “tuned” which means “harmonised” exactly as when instruments are tuned. All the five musicians are committed to build a new harmonic connection with their artistic identity in Berlin – which is never easy to find and to define- with the inspiring professional collaborations and with the new public. The aim of this project is to describe the various musical landscapes characterising the five protagonists by exploring not only the music they produce, but also the sounds surrounding and inspiring them in their daily life. The documentary creates a new imaginary score as a new map of the city. A metropolis probably destined always to change but never to be.

    Data Sheet

  • Type Documentary
  • Genre Music, Antropology, Travelling
  • Duration 80 min.
  • Language Italian, German
  • Year 2018
  • Subtitles Italian, English


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